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Choosing the right attorney can be crucial to the success of your legal claim or issue. When choosing an attorney, you should consider:

  1. EXPERIENCE – In most cases you are best served by an experienced attorney. Experience, however, doesn’t just refer to how many years he or she has been practicing. You should consider if, and to what extent, an attorney has worked on cases similar to yours. Not all legal matters are created equal; an attorney who handles primarily personal injury cases may not be a great fit for a client who has a breach of contract issue. Experience also relates to an attorney’s involvement in litigating in certain courts and in certain jurisdictions. Not all courts are the same, nor are all jurisdictions the same; different local rules of court and judge specific procedures can affect your case. How do you find this person? Easy, just ask the prospective attorney about his or her experience, including cases handled and Courts in which he or she usually practices.
  • KNOWLEDGE and SKILL – You need an attorney knowledgeable about the area of law that governs your case. Legal issues are complex, you should find an attorney who knows more than the basics about your legal issue. Many areas of law are governed by both statute and by judicial decisions, a knowledgeable attorney will understand the interplay of the two authorities and understand how the development of the law over time has will affect your case now and in the future. Although knowledge is incredibly important, you also need an attorney who can think outside the box and get you results. Knowledge of the law alone is not enough, you should seek out an attorney who you feel can confidently, and aggressively assert your interests. How do you find this person? Ask a prospective attorney about the specific area of law involved in your case, if he or she can explain the issues involved to you in a clear and concise manner, than he or she can likely argue to a judge on your behalf in an effective manner as well. 
  • TRUSTWORTHINESS – Do not underestimate the importance of choosing an attorney who you trust and have confidence in. Legal issues can be high stakes, high stress and take years to finalize. It is important to choose an attorney who you work well with and who you trust to advocate for your best interests. If a lawyer and a client are not on the same page or do not have an open and trusting relationship, your case may suffer. How do you find this person? Choose someone who comes recommended, if possible, and who you have good rapport with and otherwise feel comfortable talking to. Trust your gut reactions. 

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