Legal Representation for Victims of Crimes

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Crime causes pain, injury, loss and tragedy. We can help you fight back!

For over 25 years, Miami, Florida crime victim attorney Robert N. Pelier has believed that obtaining justice is truth in action. In the relentless pursuit of justice, Mr. Pelier has aggressively and tirelessly fought to ensure that crime victims and their families’ voices are heard in the criminal and civil judicial system. Our extensive experience in both the criminal and civil judicial system provides unparalleled insight and knowledge in representing victims of crime.

As a Florida crime victim attorney, Mr. Pelier understands that involvement in the criminal justice system as a crime victim or family member of a crime victim can be overwhelming, frustrating, uncertain, and emotionally challenging. Additionally, crime victims may sustain personal injury and be adversely financially affected. The costs of crime to a victim at times may be incalculable and significant.

Those responsible for crimes should be held accountable for their actions. Being a member of the National Crime Victim Bar Association and an advocate for victims of crimes, Mr. Pelier understands that often times there are others who have contributed to the criminal activity committed. These individuals have created or ignored circumstances and/or have been negligent or irresponsible in their conduct. Identifying the aforementioned matters is imperative during victim representation in order to ensure all avenues of justice available are pursued.

Mr. Pelier and his team can provide legal representation if you or a family have been the victim of any of these crimes:

Hate crimes
Physical Assaults
Sexual assault
Injuries at daycare center, school, hotel, nursing home, hospital, business establishment
Hit and run drivers
DUI with serious injuries or death
Reckless driving
Malicious prosecution
False arrest
False imprisonment
Domestic violence
Financial investment schemes and fraud
Cyber theft
Data/ID theft
Bank fraud

Florida Attorney General – Florida Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights

Florida Attorney General – Florida Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights

Florida Attorney General – Victim Compensation Brochure

Florida Attorney General – Application for Victims Compensation

Victim Rights Statutes

Florida Constitution