Insurance companies exist to provide safety and financial security in the event of a tragedy or unforeseen circumstance. But for many, the process of making a claim and successfully receiving owed insurance benefits can be burdensome, long and, sometimes, even futile. This unfortunately can be the case even if the insurance company is following the law and acting in good faith. However, one local Florida contractor has uncovered what he believes to be evidence of an “unlawful and unethical scheme” within United Property and Casualty Insurance Company to unlawfully deny and underpay claims stemming from Hurricane Irma. 

UntitledFlorida locals remember hurricane Irma, which hit as a category 4 storm in 2017. It was one of the strongest hurricanes to hit Florida in the past few decades. It caused substantial damage to homes and commercial structures, and left millions without power for several days to weeks. The Plaintiff in this lawsuit against United Property and Casualty Insurance Company is alleging that that insurance company took unfair advantage of Floridians following that hurricane by instructing its adjusters to alter their reports and decrease their estimates of the damage. The lawsuit also alleges that adjusters were told, in some instances, not to issue estimates at all, because the company intended to issue denials across the board for certain damage. The Complaint, which was filed in Federal court in the Middle District of Florida, alleges that the Plaintiff has proof of these allegations by and through the testimony of adjusters working at United Property and Casualty Insurance Company at the time as well as written communications from the insurance company. The claims in this case range from breach of contract, racketeering, fraud and violations of Florida’s Unfair Trade Practices Act. 

Our office represents the Plaintiff in this case and we are committed to aggressively litigating this case to hold United Property and Casualty Insurance Company accountable for its unlawful actions. Insurance disputes can be costly, time consuming and aggravating; we are committed to helping our clients navigate insurance disputes and helping them get the benefits and coverage they paid for. 

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