Earlier today, I was forwarded a new report on the local news by a colleague of mine who thought I would find the story interesting. I read the report and it was a moving story about a mother faced with the seemingly insurmountable challenge of facing down cancer. The report also described the impact her cancer battle had on her sons; two men that had done good for themselves. One a doctor and the other a police officer. The report also highlighted the difficulties and uncooperative nature of their mother’s health insurance company and the devastating impact that has had on this brave woman and her family. Unfortunately, this story is but one of many stories that deal with an insurance company’s refusal to honor the agreement that they entered into when they sold a consumer his or her insurance policy. Day in and out many work hard to earn enough to pay their premiums; hopeful than in their time of need; God forbid, they will be covered. That their insurance company will “step up” and be in the insured’s corner when fighting a disease or ailment. Too often, the insurance companies deny the claims or otherwise exploit circumstances administrative and legal alike to ensure that the monies they have collected as premiums stay in their coffers. This is unacceptable. Our office will fight and help you secure the coverage you deserve; that which you have paid for. The link to the article is http://m.local10.com/health/for-mom-with-breast-cancer-sons-frustration-with-health-insurance-is-painful/28193104.