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Lease Renewal Options: What You Need to Know

Both Tenants and landlords alike need to be weary of “Renewal” provisions in their lease agreements. Many standard leases contain these provisions, and at first glance they seem clear cut. They usually offer the tenant the option to renew the lease for another term within a certain time before the lease expires. What makes these [...]

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Renters Beware: Tips for Navigating the Treacherous Miami Rental Market

The current rental market in Miami, and South Florida in general, is unusually treacherous for renters. A local Miami news outlet, CBS 4 Miami, reported on February 23, 2022, that the average cost of rent in Miami skyrocketed a shocking 52.4% from January 2021 to January 2022. Not only does this mean that renters are [...]

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Medical Malpractice Cases: Opening the Doors to the Courthouse

Brought to you by Robert N. Pelier, P.A. and Aymee C. Gonzalez, P. A Under Florida law, in order to file a lawsuit against a physician, hospital or other medical professional or medical service provider, a Plaintiff satisfy strict pre-litigation requirements. A case of medical malpractice, or medical negligence as it is termed under the [...]

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Choosing the Right Attorney

Brought to you by Robert N. Pelier, P.A. and Aymee C. Gonzalez, P.A. Choosing the right attorney can be crucial to the success of your legal claim or issue. When choosing an attorney, you should consider: EXPERIENCE – In most cases you are best served by an experienced attorney. Experience, however, doesn’t just refer to [...]

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Covid-19 and Our Courts

Brought to you by Robert N. Pelier, P.A. and Aymee C. Gonzalez, P. A The Pandemic has shaken up and disturbed every facet of our society, and our judicial system has not been immune to its wrath.  Our local court system here in Miami-Dade County has been plagued by substantial delays and backlog for years. [...]