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Insurance Company Sued for Deceptive and Unethical Conduct in Evaluating Hurricane Claims

Insurance companies exist to provide safety and financial security in the event of a tragedy or unforeseen circumstance. But for many, the process of making a claim and successfully receiving owed insurance benefits can be burdensome, long and, sometimes, even futile. This unfortunately can be the case even if the insurance company is following the [...]

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Litigation 101: Understanding The Basics

Whether you have just been sued or you are the one suing another, litigation can be very stressful and confusing. Our office strives to keep our clients informed and involved in their case, and that includes making sure that they have understanding of the legal process and all of the various players, and elements that [...]

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What to do if you are sued?

You have just been served with a lawsuit…what do you do now? Having a lawsuit initiated against you can be a very aggravating, confusing and scary experience. If this happens to you or a loved one these should be your first steps:  Read the documents carefully The first thing you need to do is review [...]

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Criminals may not be the only ones liable when a crime is committed

If you or someone you know has been the victim of a crime, you may be surprised to hear that the criminal may not be the only one at fault.  The civil legal system offers victims of crime a way to hold those responsible for the crime committed against them legally and financially accountable. In [...]

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Benefits of Crime Victim Advocacy

“The first duty of society is justice” – Alexander Hamilton We believe in crime victim advocacy, and that crime victim advocacy is the best way for victims of crime to secure meaningful justice. In our firm crime victim advocacy means guiding our clients who have been the victims of a crime through each and every [...]