October 24, 2014
Coral Gables, Florida

GIR announced today that they have initiated legal action in Miami Dade County Circuit Court against United health Care, Aetna and Cigna in their pursuit of reimbursement of benefits due and owing to medical providers.  GIR is an entity that specializes in recovering outstanding claims for medical services that have been approved, provided and unpaid.  Carlos Plana, Executive Director of GIR stated that “we welcome the opportunity to ensure that the insurers pay what they owe; the obligation that these companies have to their insureds is to pay for the medical treatment patients need…after all…isn’t that what insurance is for?”  Attorney for GIR, Robert N. Pelier stated “ GIR will relentlessly pursue these matters on behalf of the hard working, committed health care professionals so they can get back to what counts…helping patients get better.”  Health care professionals can log on to www.gablesinsrec.com to learn more about GIR.