The Law Office of Robert N. Pelier, P. A. Secures another victory against the insurance companies.

In an opinion released yesterday, the appeals court ruled that Allstate had impermissibly unilaterally reduced levels of reimbursement to Medicare levels. Mr. Pelier stated ” I have been making this argument for several years and I am pleased to see that this issue is coming to a head..the Florida Supreme Court will also be heard [...]

Citizens Demands A Rate Hike For Doing Exactly What They Contracted To Do

Citizens demands a rate hike for doing exactly what they contracted to do.  Policyholders in Florida are facing yet another rate hike in the wake of comments made by the insurer regarding its most recent attempt to increase its bottom line.  We at our office shall keep an eye on this and report accordingly.  This [...]

Insurance Companies defrauding thousands of victims of Hurricane Sandy

For those of you who missed it on 60 Minutes last night; thousands or good, hardworking people have been defrauded by the insurance company machinations. The Law Office of Robert N. Pelier, P.A. has been involved in addressing these issues and ensuring that the insurance companies pay the true value of the loss. Unfortunately, these [...]

Federal Court rules in Favor of Insured in Commercial Liability Coverage Dispute

Miami, Florida 12-30-14 U.S. District Court rules against commercial Insurance Carrier Landmark American Insurance Company.  Black Night Protection, Inc.  is a security firm which has provided on premise security for condo and homeowners associations in the South Florida area for decades.  When Black Night was sued for negligence arising out of an incident on one [...]

N.Y. Judge blows the lid on Insurance Industry Fraud

A  N.Y. Federal Judge discovered widespread fraud by the insurance industry in NY as it involved the insurance companies’ handling of Hurricane Sandy claims.  Insureds who suffered losses to homes and property were victims to unscrupulous insurance company adjusters who acted in concert with experts; engineers and others to report false  information designed to adversely [...]